2016 Speaker Proposal: Getting along with your DB Ops team by Nick Demaster

2016 Speaker Proposal: Getting along with your DB Ops team by Nick Demaster

Often times, when we talk about DevOps, the database operations get grouped together with “Ops”.  This can lead to a lot of misunderstanding in the future with teams who adopt certain practices that, while allowing fast iterations, may not be the best for DB ops – and when a DBA comes into your organization, may cause friction between Dev and Ops

In this talk, we will discuss the process and challenges we are going through at Endurance in bringing best practices for databases to the engineering team.  We will discuss how to talk to your DBAs without making them mad, and how to bring a Data first mindset into your DevOps process,

how to ensure the work you do does not make more work for your DB team, and how to at the end of your day to protect your data integrity.

At Endurance, we are currently going through the process of bringing engineering and databases together to allow for faster, iterative releases that fit a DB acceptance policy that we have a laid out together.

Your Data is one of the most important aspects of your company; it’s time to treat it as such.

Nick DeMaster has been a DBA for 12 years.  He has worked in both high growth startups, as well as large corporate environments.  Currently, he is DBA of the data platform at Endurance International Group.  He is passionate about all things data.  In his spare time, he enjoys whisky.

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