2016 Speaker Proposal: I don’t belong here – Working through impostor syndrome By Jake Champlin

2016 Speaker Proposal: I don’t belong here – Working through impostor syndrome By Jake Champlin

Being relatively new to the professional development space, I’ve struggled on a virtually daily basis with impostor syndrome. The feelings of “I’m not smart enough, I’m not good enough, I should just quit”, wash over me at various points in the day. Working with such young and brilliant people, who’s talents and skills seemingly tower over my perceived lack of intelligence, creates several instances where I am completely floored at the professional level of work that these amazing people churn out on a daily basis.

Jake champlin

While historically my initial reaction has been, “I should just quit, I’m never going to be that good, why even get out of bed?”, I’ve learned several ways to cope with these feelings whenever they arise. In this talk I will go over various ways that I have found to cope with impostor syndrome, and how I’ve learned to continually improve to meet my goals. I plan to go over the differences between reality, and what a person struggling with impostor syndrome experiences; as well as ways in which coworkers and people without impostor syndrome can help their fellow coworkers who may struggle with it.

Jake is a Site Reliability engineer at HashiCorp. Before working at HashiCorp, Jake was a Operations Engineer at Minted, and before that a Systems Administrator for a local datacenter. He is a co-maintainer on a few Open Source projects, and an Open Source advocate. Jake is a self-admitted emacs lover, Linux user, and has been known to hate using a mouse. When he is not maintaining uptime, Jake can be found riding his motorcycle with his beautiful wife, constantly fixing his Jeep, or searching for the best place to get pancakes. 


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