2016 Speaker Proposal: Security Automation in a DevOps World by Alan Robertson

2016 Speaker Proposal: Security Automation in a DevOps World by Alan Robertson

Cybersecurity is in the news almost every day. It’s not just getting the attention of the technical folks in the trenches, it’s getting attention in the boardroom. It’s also an area that the DevOps culture hasn’t spent as much attention on as we have on testing and deployment automation. This talk is about how to make things better and keep them there – showing you how to get started in 15 minutes.

Making your systems more secure is a daunting task – the average system has something like 100 ways it’s out of step with hardening best practices. If you have 1000 systems, that means you have something like 100,000 problems – it’s overwhelming! There’s also understanding your attack surface (the ways an intruder can enter your systems) – how to understand and minimize it. This talk will cover these things:

  • How to know what you need to do to harden your systems
  • How to triage, manage and track the hardening process – and show your boss what great progress you’re making
  • How to keep your systems hardened after you get there
  • How to visualize and understand your attack surface


Alan_RobertsonAlan Robertson is a long-time IT professional, having managed computer systems for over a decade, and written innovative system management software for more than 20 years, and is an alumnus of Bell Labs, SuSE and IBM.

He founded the leading open source high-availability project (now called Pacemaker) and led it for nearly 10 years.  It has been incorporated into a number of commercial products, and is estimated to be used in over 100,000 systems over the world including by some of the largest companies in the world, and in critical roles like air traffic control and medical devices.

More recently, he founded the Assimilation Project, which drives hardening, security, and monitoring out of an automated configuration management database (CMDB).

He is also a frequently requested and fun speaker on security automation, availability, monitoring, discovery, scalability, and raising Geek Girls – having spoken at over 35 conferences all over the world, and been a keynote speaker at several conferences.  He connects exceptionally well with his audiences. People even ask him back. 😉


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