2016 Speaker Proposal:  Stop Fearing IT by Brandon Gillespie

2016 Speaker Proposal: Stop Fearing IT by Brandon Gillespie

Learn how principals of design thinking can help solve IT challenges as the tech world changes faster each day. In this short presentation we discuss the fear that drives our behavior in all levels in the technology industry, and what we can do to become more effective in our jobs by using Design Thinking principals. Applicable to all levels of IT, including leadership, architects, planners, developers, and engineers to make for a more powerful and adaptable workforce in the modern IT world.

<note: I have a book by this same title, currently at the Editor>

Brandon is the Director of SaaS at Kuali, a leader in Open Source Higher-Ed administration. He has a breadth of experience in technology through his roles in the public sector (USAF), private (Consulting and Corporate practices) and non-profit (Education and LDS Church). Through his efforts he has built a 12-factor ephemeral deployment process for containerized applications in SaaS, consolidated an operational intelligence strategy for LDS Church, architected Hill AFB’s F-35 compute facility and cloud stacks (referenced across the DoD), defined policy used across Fedspace around incident handling in a virtualized datacenter (RSA Conference and VMWorld presentations), was architect of team awarded Innovator of the year from Redhat, was developer for FreeBSD, worked on pioneering early internet multi-user games and technologies, pioneered early HTTP/HTML (participant in HTML working group and USU’s first web systems), implemented a variety of high-speed storage systems, is an author and editor (independent games industry as well as technical and fiction), and has owned or participated in startup companies.

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