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SLC DevOps Days 2017: DevOps Panel Discussion Announced & Workshops Added!

DevOps is more than just tools and a pipelines. DevOps is breaking down the silos between culturally different groups: Development, Operations and QA. But where to get started?

While the tools and pipeline have proven more linear and easier to implement, uniting these three groups to implement a culture of shared responsibility between them has been proven that it’s difficult to. Frankly, most organizations either shy away from or skip the cultural shift, essentially returning to siloed business as usual.

DevOps is about rebuilding the trust between Dev, Ops and QA while simultaneously allowing them to move quickly, in concert, to mounting business pressures. Increasing the collaboration between these groups helps build the trust that is so prevalent in high performing organizations.

So how do you do this? Come talk with our panel experts and discuss with them how they have implemented the DevOps Culture in each of their respective organizations.

Panelist Includes:

  • Gwen Dobson – Director of IT Operations & Quality at Waterford Institute
  • Corban Raun – Senior Systems Administrator at Instructure
  • Wes Novack – Systems Engineer at Pluralsight
  • John Esser – Head of IT and Data Center Operations at AdvancedMD.
  • Mike A. Davis – Director Engineering at EMC

You have the opportunity to walk away with three things:

  1. Connections within our local and national community, all facing the same challenges you are,
  2. Inspiration that, yes, it really can be done (even security and database as well as mission critical),
  3. Know how

This year, we are pleased to to now offer you workshops (Know How). This year’s workshops include:

Continuous Compliance with InSpec

InSpec is an open-source testing framework for infrastructure with a human-readable language for specifying compliance, security, and other policy requirements. Easily integrate automated tests that check for adherence to policy into any stage of your deployment pipeline.

Beginning Metrics Collection with InfluxDB and Grafana

In this workshop, attendees will set-up a small time series database, configure it to collect metrics, and create sample dashboards.  This workshop is meant for beginners who want to learn the basics of metrics collection and analysis.  Attendees should bring a workstation running docker if they would like to follow along during the course.  Experience with docker is not required but will be helpful.  A wifi capable device will be necessary to follow along.  All code will be shared after the conference for further study.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. Seats have begun to sell quickly


Salt Lake City DevOps Days Announces Keynote Lineup Line-Up

SLC DevOps Days is bringing local and national speakers to the SLC DevOps community to discuss collaboration, tooling and cultural changes/opportunities. DevOps Days lets people share their expertise, make connections, train one another and talk about lessons learned.

2017 is our second year and it’s bigger and better than ever. We will be hosting the event at Noah’s Event Venue where we can host up to 500 DevOps Practitioners. Developers, SysOp, DevOps, SRE’s, Scrum Master’s and more are all invited to attend our 2017 conference.

2017 Keynotes:

Elizabeth K. JosephElizabeth Joseph:

Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Developer Advocate at Mesosphere focused on DC/OS and Apache Mesos and runs OpenSourceInfra.org. Previously, she worked for a decade as a Linux Systems Administrator, spending the past four years working HPE on the OpenStack Infrastructure team. She is the author of Common OpenStack Deployments (2016) The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th (2014) and 9th (2016) editions.

Gwen DobsonGwen Dobson:

With 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Gwen’s driving force is in collaboratively creating elegant solutions to the most complex problems. She has had the honor of leading small start ups and large corporations in building high performing solution testing and delivery teams from the ground up and providing high quality enterprise solutions for retail, financial and edtech industries. Human focused and technology driven, Gwen’s core belief is that the best solutions come from highly competent and innovative teams with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Gwen’s life long passion for technology began at the early age of five in the boiler room of her elementary school in Boulder, CO where she learned to program in Logo on an early model Macintosh. She’s been tinkering with tech every since.

Ross ClantonRoss Clanton:

Ross has led multiple technology transformation and innovation initiatives across Verizon and Target. He is also an active collaborator in growing and strengthening the Enterprise DevOps community through his work with the DevOps Enterprise Forum, his podcast – The Goat Farm, and involvement in DevOps events nationally.

Ross has had proven success establishing transformation strategy, driving culture change, scaling technology practices/skills through Dojo’s, and driving platform strategies (Cloud, DevOps, API’s) to improve technical excellence in some of the largest technology organizations in the world. His passion for DevOps stems not only from the fact that it improves business outcomes, but that it can also improve engagement and overall happiness of people working in technology.

About Salt Lake City DevOps Days

Salt Lake City DevOps Days will be held May 16-17, 2017 at Noah’s Event Venue in South Jordan, UT. The purpose of this innovative conference is to pull people from around the nation and locally to come help prepare and educate the tech community. In addition to speakers there will be vendors on site to introduce your Development and Operations team to new toolsets. The cost is low: $199.00.


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