DevOps is Dead, Evolving Devops

This theme aims to challenge traditional notions and stir up discussions within the Sale Lake DevOps community about the future of this widely adopted methodology. SLC DevOps Days, known for fostering innovation and exploring emerging trends, seeks to push the boundaries of conventional thinking by examining the current state of DevOps and its potential evolution.

The theme “DevOps is Dead, Evolving DevOps” does not suggest the complete abandonment of DevOps principles and practices but instead proposes an introspective examination of its limitations, adaptability, and relevance in an ever-changing technological landscape. The conference aims to provoke critical thinking by questioning established methodologies, encouraging participants to explore alternative approaches, and challenging the status quo.


DevOps Days 2024

Salt Lake City, Utah

October 17-18, 2024


Karen G. Miller Conference Center

9750 South 300 West
Sandy, UT 84070

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